Welcome to download the Omega PC Wallet
At present, Ω PC wallet is only available in Windows 10 64-bit platforms. You need to have 2GB memory and 100GB hard drive space to run the application. Chinese version has been released. English version is coming soon.
Welcome to download the Omega Client
Windows 10 (64 bit)
Linux (64 bit)
Following the instructions in README to decompress and install. You need to edit omega.conf file to include a private key of your Omega-chain address to receive mining award and your IP address for other nodes to connect to you.
You might want to install Omega wallet to manage your account. You can download Omega wallet source code from OmegaSuite and build it. If you need a web browser to browse the Omega chain or conduct transactions. You may download WebOmega from OmegaSuite and install it. Please note that only the most basic functions in Omega wallet and Omega browser are working. They are still under development. And there is no warranty provided for any software mentioned above.
An example to deploy an Ω node on Vultr server
1. Deploy a server with Linux and LAMP pre-installed.
2. Create a user account on the server, e.g. foo.
3. Download the Linux tool above to ~foo, decompress and move the omgd file to /bin directory, move the omega.conf file to ~foo.
4. Edit the omega.conf file to add following lines:
5. Run the following scripts to start mining:
sudo iptables -A IN_public_allow -p tcp --dport 8788 -j ACCEPT
cd ~foo
su foo
omgd --configfile=omega.conf > /dev/null &
6. This step and steps below are optional. Download the Ω wallet (omgwallet-0.1.0) from here. Rename it to wallet, and copy the file to /bin directory.
7. Download WebOmega from OmegaSuite to /var/www/html/omega.
8. Visit web: http://your-server-IP/omega。Import your private key into your wallet.
Ω address have the same format as Bitcoin's pub key hash address (the most common Bitcoin addresses). If you already have a Bitcoin address, you can use it in Ω-chain. If not, you can use any Bitcoin software to create one, or use Ω wallet to create and address and export private key. Any problem & question? Go to: Wallet, WebOmega, Core, OIP or anything else.